Current Events – Drugs in Society

Each student will submit a paper surrounding a current event issue related to drugs and society. The paper should be a 1-2 page length (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced). The purpose of this assignment is for students to choose a topic surrounding a current event issue (e.g. local, national, or international) from a reputable news outlet that relates to the overall course. All articles should be dated from Jan 1, 2020 due date (October 28, 2020) and a published date should be clearly labeled. In order to receive maximum credit students should be able to respond and discuss the article of their choosing by analyzing the article and providing feedback of how a theory or theme from the course relates. Students should provide a link or copy of the article they choose along with their paper. Each paper should also have the students name, date, and unique title in the header. If you plan to use supplemental sources, you must provide a reference page and APA style citations. Students should use a sociological lens when completing this assignment. For example, students should ask themselves some questions, such as (this is not an exhaustive list): What is the author trying to convey? What photos/imagery are being used in the article? What is the title of the article? Finally, reputable news outlet could be subjective based on ones political perspective. If a student is hesitant or unsure about a particular outlet/source, please feel free to email the professor ahead of time for feedback if it is an acceptable source. All papers are due on Blackboard. This assignment is due by 10:00pm, October 28, 2020

Reference no: EM132069492


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