Theory for Educational Institutions

Assessment Task Description:

As educational administrators, it is of paramount importance to understand the three foundational administrative philosophies and apply them in your critical analysis of the organization.
a. Concise introduction of your essay (100 words)
b. Critical Theoretical Analysis of the Administrative Philosophy embedded in Your Current Workplace (1300-1800 words)
Review and estimate the relative weighting of each administrative philosophy in your workplace as a WHOLE:
Scientific management
Administrative management
Bureaucratic management
Remark: you might analyse your workplace of your previous employment, practicum, short-term service, or of any organizations you are confident in the justification.
For detailed tasks, you have to:
1. Argue for your analysis in essay format in paragraphs (100-150 words)
2. Justify your analysis with mapping of characteristics & evidence in essay formats (1200-1650 words) with the following suggested word counts:

Administrative Philosophy  Suggested word counts
Scientific management              400 – 550
Administrative management      400 – 550
Bureaucratic management        400 – 550
3. Present the Philosophy Review Table as appendix (words in Table would not be counted)
4. If needed, you might provide other details in the appendices of the paper.
c. Concise conclusion of your essay (100 words)

Reference no: EM132069492


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