LW4023: Globalization Refers to a Situation Marked by a Substantial Degree of Economic: Introduction to Law Assignment, SC, Malaysia

Assignment Theme – Globalisation

Globalization refers to a situation marked by a substantial degree of economic activities carried out across boundaries of different countries or nations. The nature of economic activities presents in the kind globalization that is existing today, goes much beyond the simple import and export trading activities.

Overall Objectives

  1. The integration of cross-discipline is to make the students understand, experience, and to critically understand issues in different perspectives, realize the imaginable solutions, plans and finally contribute to the progress of a business towards being a global business entity.
  2. To give an opportunity to work in a team and engage themselves in various business settings while apply their knowledge from all the subjects that they have learned in class like microeconomics, introduction to law, finance, costing, and statistical analysis for decision-making purposes.

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Assignment Overview

You play a role as a representative of the chosen company. This company has decided to expand its business. In order for the company to expand, various factors need to be analysed. The analysis that should be done is stated in each section below.


Choose a company that meets the following requirements:

  • The company must be listed in Bursa Malaysia
  • You are able to obtain the company’s 2019 and 2018 annual report

As a representative of the company, answer all the questions as follows:

  1. As part of your marketing strategy, you have designed a Facebook Advertisement to promote your product/services for the global market.
  2. Differentiate between offer and invitation to treat with supporting cases.
  3. Design and Illustrate the advertisement of your product/services according to the rule of invitation to treat.
  4. As an officer in the company, explain the duty of care owed by you as a professional to the company. Support your answers with cases
  5. A potential client of a company from Singapore, Anita has consulted Jerry, one of your employees for the company’s services. Jerry is one of the company’s best employees who would always give advice based on his skill and knowledge. Anita agreed to follow through with the advice given by Jerry. However, Anita company’s suffered losses from the consultation by Jerry. Discuss whether there is a possible legal action that can be taken against your company for Negligence.

Assuming that your company is opening up a franchise in Karvy (fictitious) a common law country, discuss the laws on consideration in common law countries that diverge from the Malaysia contract law on consideration.

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