Experiences and Perspectives of Young Workers

Read the article “Experiences and Perspectives of Young Workers.” This is an article prepared by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in December 2016. You can find this in the same folder that you found these instructions. In approximately 4 pages (typed, double spaced), write an essay about your experiences as a worker and how it may differ or be similar to the report. About half of the paper should talk about your experiences while the other half should be a summary/critique of the paper. Papers that clearly show that you only skimmed the article (or did not read it at all, will get less than half credit. If you are not working right now (or ever) discuss your job search experiences. You may also scour the internet for other relevant information that you include in your essay. Make sure you include appropriate citations, as I want to check your sources. (APA or MLA style for citations, I am not picky.) When writing your essay, please include in your discussion on the following concepts: Unemployment rate for your group; Importance of Education. Outlook in the future Grade will be based on the following: How well you integrate concepts learned in class into your essay; The relevance of the concepts cited; The correctness of the figures cited in the essay; Other sources cited.



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