HIV/AIDs and STIs in Modern Societies

Position Paper Project Description – Ecampus

H312 Position Paper Project – Total of 145 Points

15 points for Annotated Bibliography

15 points for Outline

15 points for Draft

100 points for Final Submission of Position Paper


The goal of this assignment is to help you expand your ability to critically evaluate a question, conduct research to answer the question, synthesize information from various sources, and express your critical perspective in a clear and structured way.

This term you are learning that social, cultural, structural, economic, and political factors drive the HIV and AIDS epidemic around the world. In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, you are seeing that the same factors are driving the spread among vulnerable populations with less access to work, housing, education, health services, among other essential resources.

In this assignment you will expand your understanding the differential impact of HIV and AIDS globally.  We will critically explore the complexity of the pandemic by focusing on how it was affected low- and middle-income nations (often referred to as developing nations or the Global South). Toward this end, you will be asked to:

  • Analyze the origins, historical contexts, and implications of HIV/AIDS in a developing nation setting (CLO 1);
  • Explain the complex nature and interdependence of HIV/AIDS epidemic in this setting by using a multi-disciplinary approachthat considers (a) individual, (b) interpersonal, (c) community, and/or (d) political factors, such as laws and policies. (CLO 2)
  • Articulate in writing a critical perspective on the HIV/AIDS pandemic using evidence from scholarly articles and international agencies (such as UNAIDS) to support your perspective. (CLO3)


Part 1: Selecting Country, Key Population and Putting Together Your Annotated Bibliography Getting

  1. Select onelow/middle income country. Below is a list of ideas but you are free to select a nation not on this list.


Haiti India
Lesotho Peru
Russia South Africa
Thailand Vietnam

Consult these resources to inform your choice of a country that interests you:

  • to an external site.)
  • to an external site.)
  • to an external site.)
  1. Select two vulnerable groups or key populationsmost affected by HIV and AIDS in this country setting. These may include: men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs, prisoners, truck drivers, fishermen, among others. Key populations will be different depending on the country. The resources above will help you select the key populations in your chosen country.
  2. Identify 5-7 bibliographical sources that cover the core componentsof the assignment: 1) source(s) describe the history of the pandemic in the country setting, 2) source(s) that describe HIV/AIDS among your 2 selected key populations within that country, 3) source(s) that describe factors at various levels and from multiple disciplinary perspectives: individual, interpersonal, community, and political.
    1. Format each bibliographic reference using APA style.
    2. Write 2 sentences in your own words (no quotes)about why each reference is essential in responding to the 3 core components. For example: This source provides a historical perspective of how HIV/AIDS affects sex workers and truck drivers in South Africa. It offers perspectives from public health experts and social scientists about community mobilization and policy changes necessary to reduce stigma.


Part 2: Outlining your position paper

You will write a detailed outline of your position paper to describe the major components of your critical perspective in a logical way and provide evidence to support each subcomponent. You position paper will begin with an introduction, include a body with several sections developing your critical perspective, and end with a conclusion.

    1. The Introductionshould include a draft of your thesis statement. This is usually done in a few sentences that provide a “road map” of how your paper is structured. For example: In this paper, I will describe how HIV/AIDS has historically affected transgender women and sex workers in Brazil. First, I will provide a brief description of the history of HIV/AIDS in Brazil. Next, I describe the particular community- and political-level factors faced by each key population. Finally, I will compare and contrast how the epidemic has affected transgender women and sex workers at the community and political levels.
    2. The Bodyof the paper will have four sections in the between the introduction and conclusion. Each of these sections will be elaborated in your outline by 2-3 subpoints of supporting evidence.
    3. Brief history of HIV/AIDS in your country setting
    4. Subpoint
    5. Subpoint
    6. Subpoint
    7. HIV/AIDS among key population 1 (highlighting factors that affect them at two levels of the social ecological model. Choose 2 from among the individual, interpersonal, community, and political levels)
    8. Subpoint about one level for key population 1
    9. Subpoint about another level for key population 2
    10. HIV/AIDS among key population 2 (Highlighting factors that affect them at two levels of the social ecological model. Choose 2 from among the individual, interpersonal, community, and political levels) (400 words)
    11. Subpoint about one level for key population 1
    12. Subpoint about another level for key population 2

.D. Compare and contrast key population 1 and 2. (200 words)

  1. Subpoint about similarities
  2. Subpoint about differences
  3. The Conclusionwill provide a brief summary of what the paper was about.


Part 3: Draft position paper

You will transform you outline into a full first draft of your position paper. The draft should be structured as an essay, with paragraphs that follow the structure of your outline. Include references to bibliographic sources within the text and a list of references to follow the essay. You will turn your draft in to receive preliminary comments on your written work. You will receive a 1) satisfactory 2) partially satisfactory or 2) unsatisfactory grade on this draft according to the rubric attached. This is an opportunity to work on your written critical perspective and improve it before submitting the final version of the paper.

Completion of the draft will be worth 15 points. SUBMIT THIS PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT USING THIS LINK. It is worth 15 points.

Part 4: Submission of final position paper.

The final paper will be 5-6 pages (1250-1500 words) not including the title page and reference page. The word count may be distributed roughly as follows:

  • Introduction (100-150 words)
  • Body (1050-1250 words)
  • Conclusion (100-150 words)

Paper Style:

  1. Include aTitle Page with your name, date, TA/instructor name, Name of Country chosen, 2 Key populations chosen
  2. APA style (see to an external site.) ), including in text citations anywhere in the paper where you are expressing information that you paraphrased from a bibliographic reference and for direct quotes. Direct quotes must also be accompanied by page numbers (unless they are unavailable).
  3. 12-point font (Times New Roman or Calibri)
  4. Double spaced
  5. 5-6 pages in length (does notinclude Title Page or Reference Page) or 1250 word minimum.
  6. Minimum of 5 approved references (no website can be used without instructor approval) included at the end of the paper in a section labeled Reference Page.

You will be able to view your Turnitin score. This indicates where information is taken directly from sources. Make sure to use quotes (” “) when you are directly quoting so that the program does not mark it as plagiarism


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