Twitter: Case Study

Twitter: Case Study Using Case 5: Twitter, Inc. in the text, coupled with your own independent research, conduct a thorough strategic analysis, using the principles found in chapters 1 – 5. Specifically, your analysis should include: 1. PESTLE analysis – What are the key macro-environmental variables that might affect Twitter and its competitors? Political – What are the political factors that are likely to affect the business? Economic – What are the economic factors that will affect the business? Sociological – What cultural aspects likely to affect the business? Technological – What technological changes that may affect the business? Legal – What current and impending legislation that will affect the business? Environmental- What are the environmental considerations that may affect the business? 2. Five Forces Analysis: If information is not included in the case, you should be able to infer it from reading the case and developing an understanding of the industry. Be sure to explain each force and identify clearly whether that force is STRONG, MODERATE or WEAK in your analysis. 3. Analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses, including analysis of financial information available in the case. Using the data in Case Exhibits 1 & 2, what is your assessment of Twitter’s financial position? Based on your analysis, what financial performance can reasonably be expected in the near-term future for Twitter. Support your answer. 4. Analyze the company’s strategy using Porter’s five generic strategies. Include a STRATEGIC GROUP MAPPING that shows Twitter in relation to its competitors. 5. Based on your case analysis above, provide your assessment of Twitter. Make tangible, specific recommendations that YOU WOULD TAKE IF YOU WERE THE CEO to ensure sustained competitive advantage.

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