Slope in the nba

Slope in the nba. The project counts 5% of your Final grade. So, it is a deciding factor. Here are some details regarding the project. 1100 to 1200 words (without references). Double Spaced. Use classic fonts(Times new roman or Cambria or Calibri). Do not use fancy ones. No plagiarism Topic must be connected to one of the concepts we are learning or about to learn in our college algebra course. Look into the syllabus for a list of concepts that we will learn in this course. Must be creative and informative. Do not fill it up with unnecessary definitions. It must be in your own words. I am looking for your understanding of the concept and how well you can present it. Cite the references appropriately. Must be grammatically correct. Do not use texting language. Sample outline of the project. Do not restrict to this format. You do not have to use the exact headlines. This is just an example. Sky is the limit. ———- Introduction Introduce your idea/application in layman terms. Explain why you chose this particular topic. Concept (from college algebra). For example: Linear Equation. Explain the mathematical concept in your own words. Use one example if you think it is required. This is where I can see how well you understood a concept. For example: You describe a rational number as a fraction made by integers. But the definition is incomplete because the denominator cannot be zero and zero is a part of the integers (we went over this definition several times in the lectures). It means the student did not read/understand a concept completely. Application: Describe the real-world situation and explain how the mathematical concept you chose above is connected to this situation. Explain the advantages of using mathematics and why it is needed. What would happen without the mathematical concept? Is it possible to still achieve the same result without mathematics? In conclusion, analyze it and if possible, propose a different or better method. etc., Include any relevant images. References: Mention all the references you have studied. Also include the references for the images included. Rubric: Here is what a well-written project will have: Goes over and above all the required elements stated in the directions & instructions Exceptionally clever and unique in showing deep understanding Exceptionally attractive and particularly neat in design and layout No grammatical or mathematical mistakes in the project Shows a sophisticated understanding of the application Project is engagingly organized and presents material that is captivating for the viewer Shows originality and no plagiarism

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