Terrorism and Communication.

Terrorism and Communication. Please select a topic listed in the “Examples” section below. Prepare an analysis of a subject related to terrorism and/or communication that is relevant to homeland security and/or emergency management. This analysis must contain thoughtful, reasoned discussion about the appropriateness of the law/policy, and what improvements you recommend and why. This is an analysis which requires additional research. A summary of a subject without analysis is not acceptable. The paper must be 10 – 12 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-pitch font, and APA (7th Edition) format, citations and references. A minimum of five scholarly/authoritative (peer-reviewed) references are required for the paper. Examples of appropriate topics include: • Terrorism and Communication • Terrorism and the Media • Terrorism and Social Media • Terrorism Communication Goals • Terrorism and Propaganda • Terrorism and Euphemisms • Terrorism and Group Dynamics • Terrorism and Organized Structure • Terrorism and Leadership • Diffusion of Innovative and Terrorism • Globalization of Terrorism • Crisis Communications and Terrorism • Intelligence and Terrorism

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