Golden Rice Critical Analysis Paper

Critical Analysis Guidelines (‘Golden Rice’)

1. First, thoroughly read Tom Philpott’s “WTF Happened to Golden Rice?” and Bjorn Lomborg’s “The Deadly Opposition to Genetically Modified Food.” These essays present, respectively, an argument against and an argument for golden rice. Try to form a solid understanding of the argument presented in each essay.
2. Next, choose one essay to summarize. Your first task is to summarize the argument discussed in the essay you have chosen. You might want to “sketch” an outline of the argument before beginning the summary (identify the thesis and the reasons that support it). At any event, the most important goal is to summarize the case using your own words! Your summary of the author’s argument should run one page in length.
3. Now, provide a brief evaluation of the author’s argument. This is your chance to criticize the author by demonstrating the weaknesses in his or her reasoning. What inconsistencies were you able to identify in the flow of the author’s argumentation? What supporting evidence should clearly be called into question? If you sympathize with the author’s position, he or she would thank you for pointing out the weaknesses that need to be addressed! Just be sure, in either case, to represent fairly the argument and expose its legitimate weaknesses.
5. Devote at least one page to the evaluation of the argument presented in the article. This will bring the length of the entire critical analysis to two full pages.
6. Quotations should be kept to a minimum. For a critical analysis, you should paraphrase material presented in the text as much as possible. Try to present the issues in your own words and formulations. Of course, paraphrasing, as well as direct quotations, will require citations. Use citations to indicate the pages you are summarizing. Please use the APA in-text citation format (including pages numbers). If you cannot avoid providing a direct quotation, please indicate it by using quotation marks and page numbers (APA in-text citation format) so that the reader may reference it later. Also, be sure to include a works cited page as well as a title page.
7. The project will be due on Tuesday, March 30th at 11:59PM. Good luck, and please contact me if you have any question

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