MN6008GN Business Strategy- Covid-19 Pandemic


Learning Outcomes:

1. Determine and apply the range of appropriate theories, models and conceptual frameworks that can be used to formulate a business strategy.
2. Interpret and critically assess the internal and external factors affecting an organisation and apply this knowledge to evaluating the organisation’s competitive and strategic position.
3. Generate and evaluate strategic options to account for a range of possible contexts


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major social and economic disruption. Following the announcement on 23 March 2020 of a ‘lockdown’ across the four nations of the UK, the government put in place a series of financial measures to mitigate the short-term effects of these restrictions. Our explainers on action taken by the government in the first lockdown to support businesses and individuals summarise these in more detail.
In addition to this direct support, the Bank of England (BoE; the UK’s central bank), took action to help ensure businesses had access to low-interest loans and to ensure that the
markets for UK government bonds continued to function.
What did the Bank of England do?
The BoE supported the government’s policies by:
Ensuring that businesses have access to new loans at low cost
Ensuring that the market for UK government bonds continues to function
Ensuring that those who struggle to pay their debts will be given ‘repayment holidays’.
After a massive implementation of vaccination for the nation, the Covid pandemic is not a significant fear any more. Yet, the financial organisations are not being able to significantly develop their business.
Assume that you are employed as a Trainee Business Development Manager of a new British financial organisation named ‘Techno Bank’. Your role is to undertake a strategic formulation and analysis of the ongoing/forthcoming crisis. You have been asked by your Managing Director to make a PowerPoint Presentation with other Team Members – maximum 6 in a group. (You may select any British Financial Organisation and similar Position for yourself, – such as Bank, Building Society, Money Lending organisation, Exchange/Transfer Bureau, Financial Sector of a multidimensional Organisation). In your group presentation, you need to apply appropriate theories, critically analyse and evaluate relevant issues, find challenges, recommend solutions in light of contemporary facts and Acts. If your Team Members are able to demonstrate good knowledge and presentation skills, you all will be remunerated with a lucrative bonus. If you are confused, please consult with the Tutor. You will cover the following questions.
You must answer all the questions in your group presentation:
1: Critically analyse at least two key strategic theories, models and conceptual frameworks and apply them to your chosen organisation.

2: Formulate a business strategy for your chosen organisation to sustain the competitive position.

3: Carry out an organisational audit of the internal and external factors that affect your selected organisation and use this information to evaluate the organisation’s competitive
and strategic position.

4: Using different contexts within your selected organisation, develop and evaluate at least two possible strategies (such as Porter’s Generic Strategies and Porter’s Five Forces), those are compatible to the organisational context. Justify the suitability of their strategic implementation.
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