Ideas Clearly Enumerated and Explained


Critical Briefing Note The critical briefing note should be an individual piece of work consisting of approximately You may base your note on any marketing model/concept that you have been introduced to on the course. However, it would be beneficial if you were to conduct further background research and make comprehensive recommendations to support your central line of discussion. You should, where appropriate, make reference to academic journal articles or examples derived from contemporary marketing practice where insight may support your analysis. If you include statistical data this must also be correctly referenced and these sources, together with any academic or reported material, must be included in a reference section attached to your report

Specifications and Requirements: The critical briefing note must have a completed Submission Cover Sheet accompanying it

In terms of the Structure, students are reminded that critical briefing notes should be written in a business like, professional style with an executive summary, and points and ideas clearly enumerated and explained. Think about the structure of the note with particular focus on the sections that you think are important. Don’t forget to include a conclusions and recommendations section. You may also want to include an appendix section for additional and supporting material that may be of use to the reader. In terms of the Content, students must demonstrate:

[i] knowledge of the marketing model/concept in question;

[ii] the ability to search out additional (relevant) material to that given in the lecture;

[iii] the ability to collate material into logical and coherent lines of reasoning in a critical and analytical fashion; and

[iv] the ability to inform the reader whilst answering the question. In terms of Presentation, your critical briefing note should be typed. All Figures, Charts and Diagrams must be labelled and referred to in your text. Finally, please ensure that your work is written in your own words. A written piece of work cannot be a simple ‘cut and paste’ of material found on the web or in journals or books. Moreover, you must accurately acknowledge the contributions of others (i.e. your work must properly reference quotes, ideas etc.). A full list of the references you use (listed alphabetically and by surname) must be included at the end of your work – use the Harvard Referencing System.

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