MEM601 Engineering Sustainability- sustainability in the economy and organisatio


Learning outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by the successful completion of the task below include:

a) Critically analyse the importance and challenges of ethics and sustainability in the economy and organisations, reflecting on the roles of key sustainability stakeholders; and

b) Investigate, analyse and evaluate the challenges associated with sustainably and ethically managing an engineering organisation’s strategy and functions, as well as the c required.

Task Summary

Research and answer questions by describing in the barriers and enablers to engineering sustainability in an engineering organisation. Identify and recommend appropriate practices that will allow management to strengthen the enablers and reduce the barriers. Please refer to the Task Instructions (below) for details on how to complete this task.

This assessment provides you with insights that you can apply to your organisation to facilitate the effective implementation of an engineering sustainability strategy. To complete this assessment successfully, you need to understand the important enablers and barriers to sustainability in
engineering organisations and appropriate ethical management plans and actions that can be implemented to enhance, minimise or eliminate enablers and barriers.

Task Instructions

To complete this assessment, you need to research, describe and answer the following questions:

1. Which engineering or technical organisation have you chosen? Briefly describe the organisation and its engineering sustainability practices.

2. What barriers and enablers exist to engineering sustainability in your selected organisation? Briefly describe the barriers and enablers to the organisation’s sustainability.

3. What practices does your organisation need to adopt to strengthen the enablers and reduce/eliminate the barriers? Recommend practices that the organisation can adopt to improveits engineering sustainability practices in an ethical manner

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