MGT605 Business Capstone Project Management


As mentioned above, before you can develop your capstone project proposal, you need to identify a problem or opportunity. Please refer to the “Broad Business Capstone Project Ideas.pdf” file for help with identifying project ideas. You can find the “Broad Business Capstone Project Ideas in the learning portal.

Do not use companies such as Amazon, Woolworths, Coles, Tesla, Qantas, Virgin Air, Tata, Toyota, etc. Generally, avoid very common companies as these have been overstudied. There is little possibility that your project can be anything different from what is downloadable from the internet. This may lead you into AI issues. If you are not clear about a company (or case unit) to use, you are encouraged to seek guidance from your facilitator before you write your proposal.

You are armed with the knowledge from all your previous MBA subjects. In addition to that, you will identify a business issue (problem or opportunity) to study. Before you study the issue, it is essential that you chart a pathway of how you are going to conduct the study. Before you complete this assessment, it is essential that you understand what a project proposal means in this context. Note that a proposal is not the study itself, but it is a proposed plan explaining how the study is going to be conducted. It is a proposed pathway for the study. Thus a proposal should introduce and then set the scope of the project. It includes answering the questions such as:

What is the background of the project?

What is the issue (problem or opportunity)?

What is the aim statement?

What theory (from your MBA subjects) relate to this project?

What data will be collected, from where and how?

How will the data be analysed and what tools and concepts (from your MBA subjects) will be applied?

What is the timeline of the project?

  1. Develop and articulate a theoretical or practical perspective on management issues through a substantial applied project
  2. Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership in the preparation of a significant original body of practical or theoretical work
  3. Use specialist research skills to analyse a complex management problem and then synthesise the research, communicating it effectively to both specialist and lay audiences
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