Length:  A minimum 6 full pages of narrative (your own writing). Also include a

Length:  A minimum 6 full pages of narrative (your own writing). Also include a
separate bibliography (sources cited) page. Of course, you may write more than
6 pages!
Sources: Students must reference at
least two books on their topic (not including the text book for this course).
You may use e-books. It is also expected that references will be made to
journals, articles and websites visited.
Due Date:  May 7,
2024. No exceptions or time extensions given!!
Term Paper Topic:
term paper for HISA 3366 during the Spring Semester, 2024 will focus on: Anything you wish – as long as your topic
coincides with the broad outlines of the course; i.e. topics concerning the
history of New York State. I do not wish to read papers that focus on topics
outside of this!
these instructions in mind, you may choose to concentrate on any aspect of New
York and its history. One suggestion: choose something that legitimately
interests you, or is in some way related to your major here at SUNY Oneonta. It
does not have to be a topic discussed in the text book or in class. Be
am not looking for you to attempt to tell the entire story of a particular
event or theme in just a few short pages; e.g. “The History of New York City.”
That would be far too general an essay. What I would be looking for in this
case is an essay on one particular aspect of the history of New York City. Be
narrow, not broad, in your focus.
**Use 2 books as refrence**
**Write of the progressive Era of New York State**


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