The Business Decision Ethical, Moral, and Legal Decision Making Read Leadership

The Business Decision
Ethical, Moral, and Legal Decision Making
Read Leadership Principles Download Leadership Principlesfocusing on morals, ethics, and laws,  The Second and Third Order Consequences Download The Second and Third Order Consequencesbefore working on this assignment.  Reply to this post by telling what you believe is the most (1) moral, (2) ethical, and (3) legal thing to do and why you believe as you do for each of the three scenarios. Next,  list the order consequences for your decisions for each scenario’s perspective (Moral, Ethical, and Legal) with the first being ordered consequence the expected outcome and the second, third, and fourth order consequences being the alternative, unexpected, and/or undesirable outcomes. Think about how your decision could negatively affect you, others, and things in the short and long term. You can use these Decision Tables Download Decision Tablesto log your answers by cutting and pasting the table in the reply textbox. To see the in-class example, click on this Decision Table Example Link Download Decision Table Example Link.
1: You are working for a toy store during the holiday season. The hottest selling item is the Tonani Playbox 3000 game console retailing at $750. Your store has received 100 consoles and you want one, but the store policy states that employees cannot purchase hot selling toys until one week after the item has been made available to customers. Employees who violate this policy will be terminated. About three days after the consoles were put on the floor for sale, the store manager calls you into her office. She tells you that one of the consoles is missing and she believes that Harry, the games department manager who hired you, has taken it. You tell her you have no knowledge of this and leave the office. Later that day you talk to Harry who admits to taking the console before the one week waiting period. He also admits to not paying for it and asks if you could loan him the money. Harry tells you that he did not take it for himself but for his eight-year-old brother who is dying of leukemia. Harry asks that you not tell anyone that he took it. The next day the manager walks by you and Harry and says that if you hear anything about the missing console to let her know. Harry responds by telling the manager that he will tell her if he hears anything. Five days after the consoles hit the floor, they are all sold so you never get one.
2: You are the principal of Happy Dale Middle School. Two of your best teachers, Mr. Abbasi, and Ms. Chow, are newly engaged to be married and you’re invited to their wedding, which will be in one month. Since their engagement, each morning when they arrive at school, they hug in the parking lot then go teach their classes. While dropping off their children in the student drop zone, some parents have noticed other parent’s children starting to hug each other before entering the building. These parents have called for you to meet with them because they believe what they are witnessing between the children is sexual harassment. During the meeting, the parents tell you that the children have told them they are just copying what they see Mr. Abbasi and Ms. Chow do every morning. The parents state that Mr. Abbasi and Ms. Chow are encouraging children to engage in sexual promiscuity. Your school district has a strict policy against teachers dating and students engaging in public displays of affection (PDA). Teachers who are caught dating will be subject to termination and students caught engaging in PDA will be suspended for a week for each PDA violation. What do you do?
3: You are the hotel manager. Frank Farmer owns a smoke alarm company. His son, Francis, works for him as a salesperson. What Francis does is approach hotels that have smoke alarms that are past their replacement dates and tell the hotel manager that he will report the hotel if they do not buy fire alarms from him. If a manager tries to counter Francis’ “offer” by telling Francis that they will use a less expensive vendor for their fire alarms, Francis tells the manager that he will report the hotel to the city and county fire marshal who will not only assess large fines but will close the hotel immediately and until all alarms have been replaced which could take a month. Although Francis’ alarms are not the best smoke alarms on the market, they are the most expensive. Francis uses two-thirds of the money earned to pay for his college expenses and the other one-third he donates to pediatric cancer research. Francis approaches you and notifies you that your hotel’s smoke alarms are past their replacement date. What should you, the manager, do? 


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