In order to assess your mastery of utilizing primary sources, communicating in A

In order to assess your mastery of utilizing primary sources, communicating in APA style, and knowledge of the field of social psychology, you will complete a final paper. This paper will be your final exam and will be a literature review of a specific topic within social psychology. You may choose any area you please. Your task is to find several articles on your chosen topic and summarize the main message within these articles in the form of a “main argument” (e.g., thesis statement or hypothesis). You will then support this thesis statement by the arguments made in each article. You will explicitly explain how each article supports your overall thesis statement. These connections between each article and your thesis statement should be clear and concise. The literature review is due on May 6th. It should adhere to APA style, limit to 4 pages, to include a title page and references page. The Writing Assignment is worth 60 points. To make a coherent argument, please review the literature in the field of social psychology and find at least four (4) peer reviewed journal articles that address the question and review the findings from each article. The following list of journals typically publishes work on social psychology (this is not an exhaustive list): 1. Emotion 2. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 3. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 4. Journal of Personality 5. Journal of Research on Personality 6. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 7. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 8. Social Psychological and Personality Science 9. Psychological Science. You can access journals through SUBR library database. Typically, articles will include an introduction, literature review, methods, results, and conclusion. The citation of the article should be in APA format. The citation would include the author, year, name of the article, name of the journal, volume, issue, and page number. Remember, your paper will be graded with explicit reference to the summary of findings from these articles and how you use these findings to support your thesis statement. Points will be lost if your paper contains grammatical errors. Here are some broad areas in social psychology within which you can choose a more specific question for your literature review: 1) In what ways are individuals influenced by conformity? 2) What are some ways to reduce the influence of obedience? 3) How do attitudes change? 4) How can groups work together most effectively when making decisions? 5) What determines if someone is attracted to someone else? 6) Which are the best ways to reduce prejudice and discrimination? 7) What kinds of behaviors do implicit versus explicit attitudes predict? 8) How do we compare ourselves to others and how does this influence our behavior? 9) How do cultures differ in their social norms? 10)What factors influence the development of the self


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