Assignment Instructions:  c.  choose a Cultural Phenomenon:  the impact of techn

Assignment Instructions: 
c.  choose a Cultural Phenomenon: 
the impact of technology on communication 
Applying Theory: 
Analyze your chosen cultural phenomenon using one of the three major sociological paradigms:  
Structural Functionalism: Discuss how this phenomenon contributes to the stability and functioning of society. What functions does it serve? Are there any latent functions? 
Conflict Theory: Examine how this phenomenon might reflect, reinforce, or challenge power dynamics and inequalities in society. Who benefits from this phenomenon, and who might be disadvantaged? 
Symbolic Interactionism: Explore how this phenomenon is experienced and understood at the individual level. What symbols and meanings are associated with it? How do people interact around this phenomenon? 
Thinking Research: 
Propose a research method to study your chosen cultural phenomenon. Consider the following:  
Which research method (e.g., survey, experiment, field research, secondary data analysis) would be most suitable for studying this phenomenon, and why? 
How would you design your study? Briefly outline your research question, hypothesis (if applicable), and the steps you would take to gather and analyze data. 
Reflect on Culture: 
Reflect on the concepts of culture discussed in Chapter 3. Address the following:  
How does your chosen phenomenon relate to the key concepts of culture such as values, beliefs, norms, and symbols? 
Consider the impact of cultural relativism and ethnocentrism in your analysis. How might these perspectives influence the way you and others view the phenomenon? If they don’t, why is that? Explain. 


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