1. The greatest challenge with intercultural friendships lies in one’s willingne

1. The greatest challenge with intercultural friendships lies in one’s willingness to set aside pre-existing cultural stereotypes and embrace differences in patterns and practices.
Think about pre-existing cultural stereotypes that are prevalent within your community.
Write a paragraph that details the benefits of intercultural friendships and explains how pre-existing stereotypes threaten such friendships and collaboration within the community.
Finally, provide at least two suggestions for how this problem might be dealt with.
2. after answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each based on ch 10. 
Please give each question some thought and provide detailed responses.
After you have finished posting, review your classmates’ posts and comment on at least two posts.
After reviewing the three relational dialectics, which dialectic have you experienced most often in your relationships? Explain your answer.
Provide an example of how uncertainty and anxiety management theory can help us more effectively navigate intercultural relationships.
Provide an example of how expectancy violations theory might influence our perceptions of intercultural experiences.
Provide an example for one of the strategies mentioned in your textbook for managing conflict in intercultural relationships.


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