I’m, doing this paper on the artist Ai Weiwei. Prompt below: Do a quick google s

I’m, doing this paper on the artist Ai Weiwei. Prompt below:
Do a quick google search on your chosen artist to see if they in fact interest you.  If they do, cool! If not, then choose another artist from the list and continue until you find an artist from the list that does interest you.
Address the topics listed below.
Cite all sources using MLA format.
Include Images of all works of art referenced in your paper.
Must provide at least 3 reference images
Complete your paper with a minimum of 1000 words
Arial or Calibri font
double spaced
Submission formats accepted – .doc, pdf
Once you have chosen your artist, I suggest you research the following topics to get started on your paper:
During what period in time was the artist making their work?
What period in Art History was occurring while the artist was working/living?
How was the artist influenced by the time, culture, and art movements in which they lived?
What impact did the artist have on the world, culture or art movements around them?
Note: Many Artists live through multiple art movements, and are pivotal figures in multiple movements.
What materials and techniques did they use? 
Why was this artist famous, or why did they become famous after they died?
What about this artist inspires you, or why did you choose this artist?
After you have explored the topics, and chosen your artist, think about what you want to say for your thesis. Here are some examples:
Were they controversial?
Were they innovators? 
Did they revolutionize Art in their time and/or after?
Did they change they way we think? 
Did they face adversity, and how did they overcome?


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