Provide an overview of the brand and its segmentation strategy: Marketing Assignment, MU

a) Segmentation Strategy 

Provide an overview of the brand and its segmentation strategy.

Assess if the segment(s) is/are targeted correctly in relation to the brand’s positioning and current marketing mix strategies. Consider how well the brand is reaching and engaging with its target segments.
Recommend and justify ONE (1) new target segment that the brand can market its product/service to. Explain why this segment is viable, aligning to the following areas: o New segment’s needs and wants o The brand’s value proposition and product offerings o Competitive advantage b)Product Strategy
For the chosen brand, identify the type of consumer product and discuss ONE

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(1) element in each level of the product.

Examine the brand name and rationale for adopting this brand name.
Identify the unique selling proposition (USP) and positioning strategy that the brand has adopted.
Recommend ONE (1) way to ‘co-create’ a new product/service with the new target segment and how this will complement the brand’s product offering. c) Promotion Strategy
Describe THREE (3) promotion mix tools that were used to market the brand.
Analyse the effectiveness of each tool in connecting and engaging with its target audience.
Recommend TWO (2) new media platforms that can be used to promote the brand and explain your rationale for using these platforms.
d) Pricing Strategy  Identity the pricing objective of the brand.
Describe the pricing strategy adopted by the brand and explain the brand’s rationale for choosing this pricing strategy.
Describe TWO (2) factors that have an impact on the brand’s pricing.
Recommend TWO (2) price adjustment tactics you can use to increase the adoption rate of the product/service. e) Distribution Strategy (Place)
Describe the TWO (2) channel intermediaries used by the brand.
Explain the channel approach and the reason for using this approach.
Explain the channel strategy or level of distribution intensity used by the brand and the rationale for adopting this channel strategy.
Recommend ONE (1) new channel strategy that can be adopted by the product/service.

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