Wealth Management, Individual Assignment, NP


You have been approached by a Hcto either a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) or REITs in Singapore. No leverage will be used for the purchase.

Using appropriate available property tools of property portals such as URA websites, Property Guru, REALIS etc. and financial websites or portals (SGX, Yahoo finance, Bloomberg etc.) including information from your lecture and relevant research, compare your property purchase with REITs as part of your HNWI’s strategy to diversify his portfolio.


You must address the following:

a)  Background of your client

Provide a brief background of your client with assumptions such as nationality, number of properties he has to date, investment objectives etc. to facilitate meaningful computation/evaluation.

b)  Physical Property

Purchase the GCB with an objective for investment.

§  Choice of Property and reasons

A brief narrative of the property selected and provide three reasons to be substantiated with data, figures, charts, price trends etc.

§  Appropriate Computation

Amount and Purchase price

Based on a date of purchase in Jan 2019 (or thereabouts), it should include all cost including commissions, tax considerations, ABSD, stamp duty etc.

–   Total Returns

Capital appreciation and rental income, if appropriate based on purchase, less taxes paid, other ancillary cost/expense etc. For return, assumed property sold under current market conditions at last done market price and liquidated in the first quarter of 2024.

c)  REITs

Choice of SREITs and reasons/metrics

Choose 3 SREITS and reasons for choice over others within its industry (with metrics, quantitative & qualitative reasons based on current market conditions).

§  Appropriate Computation

Calculation of yield and holding period return on the selected REITs from period Jan 2019 to Jan 2024

d)  Conclusion

Draw meaningful conclusion of the choice between the property and REITS based on your findings. Your evaluation should go beyond mere computations with a need to consider factors/assumptions indicated in the background of your client. Research has to be done to substantiate your evaluation and provide sound advice to your client.

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Report will be in Arial font of size 11 with single spacing between lines and Normal margin (i.e. 1-inch margin throughout).
Report shall not exceed 2000 words (excluding Appendices).
Make specific references to the supporting information/research from your Appendices in the main
Provide detailed workings/computations in
Follow the Assessment Rubrics as the relevant sections for your Report and adhere to relevant Business Written Communication format and guidelines to include contents page, page numbers, references bibliography, charts, data, pictures, word count

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