In this module, we start the synthesis paper, which is 25%  of the class grade.

In this module, we start the synthesis paper, which is 25%  of the class grade. In this essay, you all will create an argument in response to one of two questions about effective ways of writing and, throughout the essay, will establish your credibility, your ethos, by providing a section that informs your reader about the topic, two sections defending your claim, and a section acknowledging and responding to the opinions of others.  You all will also provide evidence for your claim using other sources, you will address an academic audience, and you will establish a clear purpose: to argue a position. If all of this seems familiar, it is because you all are applying the academic writing standards discussed in the beginning of the course and evaluated in the previous essay.
For this essay, I am not requiring an outline but will provide one for those who would like to use it. This module’s discussion board is meant to act as another form of prewriting that will familiarize you all with the sources available to back up or develop your thoughts in essay three and to plot your course using them. To accomplish this, you all will be completing an exercise that combines two familiar composition techniques.  The first is somewhat of an abbreviated outline, and the second emulates an annotated bibliography, which is often used to help students evaluate and plot the placement of sources. The main idea behind this is to examine the sources closely and decide what information will fit best where.  Many of my students express frustration with not knowing what kind of information to borrow and include in their essays, and this exercise tends to exactly that. Normally an annotated bibliography would also provide a summary of each source, but you all did that for some of them last week.  After this, the hardest part is over and all that is left is filling in your own thoughts.  Many English 1023 teachers assign annotated bibliographies, in their complete form, so please use this as an opportunity to prepare for what might come. 
I am also releasing some supplementary web sites and videos on argumentation.  As you all complete this essay, remember that it is important to formulate your own opinion before seeking the opinion of others; in any paper such as this, though, your opinion might change, and that is perfectly fine.  I created these prompts, these questions (each of you has the option to respond to one of two prompts), because the topic is relatable to you all, which will hopefully make the assignment somewhat easier.  Please make sure to read and observe the guidelines and regulations on the assignment sheet; the regulations for this essay, the synthesis paper that requires you all incorporate a minimum of three sources in an essay of a set length, are the standard requirements for all English 1013 courses. My best advice in creating this essay is to use what you know! Based on you all’s experiences using the process throughout this semester, everyone should be able to write essay with no sources at all (but don’t do that), which is all part of the plan: I wanted to reinforce the idea that personal opinions and experiences are important and are used in all forms of communication, but how you all present those opinions is what matters.  


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