Watch at least three videos of interviews with executives talking about corporat

Watch at least three videos of interviews with executives talking about corporate values. In four to five paragraphs, summarize what you learned. Consider the following options for gathering information:
Go to CNBC’s online video section ( (Links to an external site.), select Video link) and search for CEO interviews about corporate values or corporate culture.
Go to YouTube and search with terms such as corporate values, core values, and corporate culture. Select videos of business executives and managers speaking about corporate values. Choose videos that are five minutes or longer.
See Meg Whitman and Rajiv Dutta talking about building corporate values at eBay:
Meg Whitman “In Conversation” with Rajiv Dutta Links to an external site.
Meg Whitman “In Conversation” with Rajiv Dutta
respond to what’s written below ….
the conversation between Meg Whitman and Rajiv Dutta, Whitman shares her experience as CEO of eBay, particularly the importance of establishing a company culture with a strong moral center. A foundation that she believes a company should build from the beginning, as she handles what items are being sold on eBay and how it reflects on the company. Whitman considers her employees’ input as she asks them what their families’ or friends’ responses are to certain items being sold and if they would be proud of their decisions to include controversial items on eBay. It is key for the company to have a strong moral compass, as Whitman prioritized finding solutions that protect consumers and are within legal boundaries.
Furthermore, in a TEDx Talk with Bob Keiller, he shares a story about when he was working on an offshore oil rig and how he made a decision that could cost him his career by shutting down the drilling operation. Keiller believed the work was being done unsafe, and although shutting down the operation would cause profits to fall, following the company’s core value of safety was more important. As he was unwilling to compromise his principles he stood by his decision and later parted with the company. He would later carry an experience once he became CEO of a large organization, implementing core values and writing a weekly blog about them. As he realized his blogs weren’t getting the interaction he was hoping for, he started to share more personal experiences and create resources to train employees on the core values.
In recent years, there have been corporate cultural shifts in response to current events that cause intercompany conflicts. In particular, Google fired 50 employees after protesting at the company offices for the company’s decision to deal with Israel’s cloud computing. Previously, tech companies encouraged employees to express their opinions. However, after the 2020 pandemic, Google saw a shift with employees having more power due to the line of work being more abundant for the employees. A stricter approach by management was implemented to regain control. A paradigm shift in response to a much more splintered employee action, a case where employee activism may be met with a less tolerant stance by management. To summarize, the experiences shown by executive leaders and management demonstrate the essence of having strong moral and ethical core values. Building foundations on a strong moral compass ensures that the employer and employee communicate properly and feel safe. In contrast with Google, in a rapidly changing work environment, the tensions between employees and employers show a shift in core values, reflecting the challenges companies face to maintain ethical integrity while adapting to a new landscape.


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