Project Management

    Project 1 You are a homeowner and have a project that you want accomplished in the next month. Today is Wednesday, the 26th of August. You have guests arriving on Friday the 25th of Sept. You must have the project completed by then. You work full time during the day, that gives you … Read more

Nutrient Analysis Tool.

    Purpose: The purpose of the Nutrient Assessment is to describe patient behaviors that support positive and negative dietary and other lifestyle choices through a thorough exploration of one’s personal assessment of dietary behaviors and beliefs.The student will identify positive and negative beliefs and behaviors that will increase awareness of and compassion for patient’s … Read more

The Coke Lab

      Turn to the The Coke Lab (pg 56) in the DVC CHEM 120 Lab Manual. Please read through the background on error analysis (pg 57-60) before watching the prelab videos. Watch the following Prelab video on error in measurement and fill out the prelab notes as you go along: Error in Measurement … Read more

Global Message Articles

Read Introductions and the Global Message articles in the ESV Global Study Bible notes for the following books (How to Navigate the ESV Website ): Song of Solomon Read the entire book of Song of Solomon in your ESV Bible Read P. Long, “Song of Solomon” notes Write a 2-3 page paper covering the following … Read more

Use chapter attached and answer this questions, please use only the text book at

Use chapter attached and answer this questions, please use only the text book attached,   The content for these questions is strictly from the course’s textbook.   Chapter 2 Key Questions  1.What are the basic concepts and model for delivering effective instructions? 2.List and explain the types of curriculum development. 3.Define and discuss effective instructional practices. … Read more


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