Produce a Report on a Specific Case of Visual Processing Gone Wrong: Psychology-Perception Assignment, DC, Australia


For this assessment, your task is to produce a report on a specific case of visual processing gone wrong. The specific case we will focus on is that of visual illusions. In visual illusions, the normal processes underlying the perception of features such as color, depth, size, and motion fail to work as they should. The result is an experience of something that is different from what is really there – prepare to be fascinated by what you will learn!

Assessment one has been designed with the key aim of providing you with the opportunity of (a) gaining a detailed understanding of the processes that are either known, or thought, to be responsible in visual illusions, (b) the circumstances under which these processes can be affected, and (c) what the result is for our perception.

You may cite the core textbook (i.e., Goldstein; 9th or 10th edition) for this report. But it is also expected that you will use sources outside of this. Do NOT use e.g., blogs, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, or dictionaries as reference sources for your assessment. Part of your task is to source information from peer-reviewed journal articles and books.

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Assessment Requirements

The first step towards completing this assessment is deciding on which visual processing illusion you wish to report on. You must choose one of the illusions introduced in the Week Lab (also listed below).

Visual illusions

  • Motion-Induced blindness
  • Pulfrich Effect
  • Negative after effect
  • Induced contrast asynchrony / Simultaneous contrast
  • Silhouette illusion
  • Necker cube – figure/perceptual reversal


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