Application of a manufacturer’s recommended operating conditions


Use the Derating Guideline Below and your scavenger hunt results to fill in the questions:
1/ Use manufacturer’s recommended operating conditions but do not exceed 90% of maximum supply voltage for digital devices and 80% of maximum supply
voltage for linear devices. For voltage regulators, derate VIN – VOUT to 0.9.
1.1/ For low voltage (< 5V) devices, use manufacturer’s recommended operating conditions.
2/ Do not exceed Tj = 110 °C or 40 °C below the manufacturer’s maximum rating, whichever is lower.
3/ Consult the project radiation engineer to determine derating guidelines that account for radiation induced degradation (total ionizing dose, single event effects,
and displacement damage) in parts over the lifetime of each mission.
Part number: 5962H0150202VYC
1) Manufacturer’s Part Number: __________________
Derate the following according to the Derating table
Specification Derated
2 fCLOCK (Clock Frequency [Max]) 16 MHz
3 TJ (Junction Temperature [Max]) 175oC
4 VCC (Supply Voltage) (USE Operating) 5.5 v
5 PD (Power Dissipation [Max]): 600 mW
6 Maximum Output Current (not the buffer note) +100mA
7) Radiation Parameters:
SEL (Let): 55 MeV/mg/cm2, SEU (Let): 55 MeV/mg/cm2 and the high dose rate TID of ________
8) Is this part a candidate for GEO operation? (yes or no?) ______________

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