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BSBMKG40213 Analyse consumer behaviour of specific marketswill consider both before making a decision. Nissan’s approach, with the assistance! of agencies such as Whybin TBWA, is to try and understand their targeted buyer and I structure their segmentation profile around that knowledge. Imagine that you are employed within the automotive industry with the role of analysing consumer behaviour. The purpose of your analysis is to enable marketing to be targeted to specific markets and specific needs.You are required to select a particular passenger vehicle (currently available), and carry out an analysis of the consumers that the market would target.You will need to prepare a report to present your findings. In your report, ensure that you include the foNowing:1, Confirm product or service market= Confirmation of the product market: a. Identify and explain the market segment(s) for the motor vehicle b. Identify and explain consumer attributes for the market segment(s) c_ Identify and explain the benefits and augmented factors of the motor vehicle2 Assess the reasons for existing levels of consumer interest• Assessment of reasons for levels of consumer interest: a. Conduct an investigation and make comment of the consumer needs for the motor vehicle by analysing trends and past performance b. Give a review of past marketing or positioning of the motor vehicle in relation to its focus of appeal Make an assessment of the individual, social, and lifestyle influences on consumer behaviour d_ Make an assessment of organisation buyer behaviour in relation to motor vehicle e. Make an assessment of the consumer buyer behaviour in relation to motor vehicleRecocamensi a focus of appeal for marketing strategies for a produst or serviceMarketing strategies recommendation of focus appeals: a. Identify and explain how you will propose to address the needs of consumers and appeal to their motives which influence decision making b. A rationale for the focus of appeal (it should outline how influences on consumer behaviour can be used to target effective marketing strategies) c. How the focus of appeal will meet legal and ethical obligations and budgetary requirementsPart 1. Checklist



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