In preparation for this essay, you read an article on facial recognition technol

In preparation for this essay, you read an article on facial recognition technology/software: “Your Face is Not Your Own” By Kashmir Hill (link). This article discussed some of the pros and cons of facial recognition technology, and how it is currently being used by not just private companies, but law enforcement to identify individuals’ faces with artificial intelligence.
Your Job: 6-8 paragraphs (including intro and conclusion) answer the below question
In your opinion, are we giving up too much personal privacy, or even our rights, with facial recognition in the name of safety and convenience? Why or why not? What should be done with this technology moving forward? 
Keys for success:
Your essay must be organized, beginning with an intro (link for review) that has a hook, background on the readings, and a thesis statement (link for review) that expresses your opinion to the prompt question. 
Your essay needs to have organized body paragraphs. Your essay needs to have organized body paragraphs using the PIE strategy (link for review).
Your essay needs to end with a conclusion (link for review).
Your essay must be composed primarily of your own opinions, only using the articles to either back up your argument, or to argue against. I DO NOT want just an explanation or summary of the articles, nor do I want just a long description of the issue. You need to have argument.
Each body paragraph must have at least one direct quote (click here to review quoting) that supports the argument/point you are making in your point/topic sentence. 
Please do not use any other outside sources for this essay. Stick to just responding to our reading.
Cite all quotes using MLA formatting.


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